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Many wishes can be realized with a loan. Even the construction or purchase of a house or condominium can be financed with a loan. Before the bank makes a commitment, however, the bank first checks the creditworthiness of Credit Bureau and the monthly payments received in the checking account. With salary or wage payments and a good credit rating, there is a loan without problems.

It’s worth comparing


As with all other purchases, a direct comparison of the individual banks is always worthwhile with a loan. For most people, it is certainly convenient to first contact the house bank. But that is not the cheapest solution. There is also a problem-free loan from online financial institutions, which have increasingly appeared on the market in recent years. They offer lower interest rates and can also offer better conditions in other areas.

Free repayment options are just as feasible as the payment break once a year. Branch banks generally do not offer this. The Internet offers plenty of opportunities for comparison. If you enter the relevant search terms, you will receive the appropriate information from the relevant search engines.

How does an online loan work without problems?

How does an online loan work without problems?

Anyone who has found a corresponding offer via the search engines can apply for a loan directly on the bank’s website without any problems. As a rule, a corresponding link leads to the corresponding provider. After the desired loan amount and the term have been entered, the applicant has to provide personal information about his income and the professional situation. The Credit Bureau query takes place in the background.

If everything is in order with the creditworthiness, a preliminary commitment is made, because first the personal details of the applicant have to be checked. To do this, proof of income and, in some cases, a copy of the employment contract must be sent to the bank. If everything is OK and the loan agreement has been signed and returned, the loan amount will be transferred within a few days.

Is there a loan without problems if the Credit Bureau is not in order?

Is there a loan without problems if the Credit Bureau is not in order?

In such cases, you can no longer expect loan approval from German banks. With a negative credit rating, the banks no longer grant loans. However, there are still opportunities abroad if there is full employment and the applicant has a minimum net income of around 1,100 USD per month. Banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are happy to lend up to € 3,500 to people living in Germany.

With a higher income, up to 5,000 USD are possible. These foreign credits can be applied for in Germany. The searcher will find what they are looking for under the search term “Swiss loan” or “Liechtenstein loan”. The documents are also submitted via Germany. The intermediaries send this to the banks abroad and from there the loan amount is paid out.

Caution with prepayment

Caution with prepayment

It is irrelevant whether the loan is applied for without problems to a bank based in Germany or to a foreign bank. An inquiry is never associated with costs. The borrower only has to pay a commission to the intermediary after a successful loan. Unfortunately, there are also cases in this industry in which any costs have to be paid in advance. That is dubious. So be careful of such offers.

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