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The number of companies providing payday loans increases year by year. Poles treat them as an alternative to traditional cash loans in banks. Here are 5 reasons why you should take advantage of non-bank loans.

Taking a payday loan, you can expect an extremely fast cashout. Cash can affect the borrower’s account even after a quarter of an hour from the time the loan application was accepted. Money can reach the customer even at the weekend if he chooses the option of an additional paid express transfer.

Get money super quick direct payday lenders

The advantage of payday loans is the opportunity to get money without leaving home. All you have to do is submit your application online direct payday lenders and then wait for the cash transfer to your account. Thanks to the online borrowing option, the money reaches customers, even when they apply for payday loans at night or on a non-working day. Due to the lack of obligation to sign the loan agreement in person, the entire procedure can be carried out remotely.

No complicated formalities

The loans are regulated by the Civil Code, thanks to which non-bank institutions may depart from the complicated procedures that are necessary in the case of loans. A non-bank loan can be obtained without earnings certificates, employment declarations or calculating creditworthiness. Moreover, some loan companies offer payday loans without pay, addressed to people with slight delays in repayment of earlier loans and advances.

Explicit loan costs

Explicit loan costs

Before taking a quick non-bank loan, you get reliable information on the costs of the selected liability. The costs are calculated simply using special calculators on the websites of loan companies. The calculator determines the loan amount and the period after which it will be repaid, and the tool calculates the interest rate and other costs. In order for the borrower to have a clear picture of the cost of payday loans, the calculator indicates the exact amount to be paid back to the lender after the set deadline.

Attractive promotions for new customers

Loan companies offer new customers the opportunity to take advantage of a free first loan. Instant cash for new customers is granted at an interest rate of 0 percent so that the institution does not charge any interest. This solution means that a quick loan can be obtained without incurring any costs – the borrower returns the loan company exactly as much as it has been transferred to his account.